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You can earn Scout Backs throughout the year to spend at our May Service Unit Meeting.  Check out the list below to find out how you can build your pile of Scout Bucks!


Attend or have a Parent attend Service Unit meeting in LEADERS place - 5 * Wear a Girl Scout uniform, t-shirt, pin, or other insignia  to the Service Unit meeting– 3 * Lead the Opening or Closing at a Service Unit meeting – 5 * Provide Refreshments or Door Prizes at a Service Unit meeting – 5 * Turn in an F269 “Here’s the Scoop!” form for a Service Project performed - 5 * Taking on a Service Team position – 10 * Specific Manager Position in the Service Unit - 10 * Helping at or organizing a rally - 15 * Chair a Service Unit event – 10 * Help at a Service Unit event - 25 * Help recruit at Cookie delivery – 15(not per person)   * Recruit another Troop Leader – 5 * Take at least 2 new girls into your troop – 5 * Recruit a girl to join the Green Starlettes, Puppetry Troupe, or other Council program - 5 * Take a Green Apple training – 5 * Take a Girl Scout training - 5 * Returning troop – Get registrations turned in by Early Bird deadline (May 15) - 10 * Returning troop – Get registrations turned in on time (September 30) - 5 * Get financial report turned in by May deadline – 45 * Get paperwork for Fall Products turned in on time - 5 * Get paperwork for Cookie Sales turned in on time - 5  


New Items!!

Find a typo on the website and be the first to send the correction to Tina - 5

Send in a great idea for the new webpage - 5


Jennifer Weber keeps track of these.  Most are known from other Service Unit records.  However some need to be reported to Jennifer.  If you have: 
Recruited a new leader/co-leader;Taken at least 2 new girls into your established troop; Recruited a girl into the Green Starlettes; Taken a GS training, please let Jennifer know so she can keep the records up to date.